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Prevent Flooding at Your Home

24 hour flood monitoring

Home security does not end with intrusion prevention and fire detection. Flood prevention and detection can add to your home's security and help to avoid potentially devastating damage to your home and property.


Be it an act of nature, burst/faulty water lines or overflowing appliances a water emergency can cause serious damage. CF&B offers comprehensive water monitoring and flood sensors to keep you mind at ease. You can rest assured that when you are away from home that we are protecting your property, valuables and memories.


Don't leave things to chance... protect yourself with affordable, relaible and fast flooding responses that CF&B provides.

  • Multiple sensors that can be positions anywhere in the home

  • 24/7 experienced Monitoring

  • Affordable, reliable, and rapid response time

Flood monitoring

services include:

How Water Monitoring Works


  • In the event of a water leak, our sensors send out an alert to our monitoring center

  • The alarm is received by one of our highly trained professionals who respond immedicately

  • Our highly trained professional contacts you to both notify you of the flooding and to assist in getting you the correct assistance


Flood detectors are strategicly placed throughout your home by one of our installation professionals. Our professionals typically position sensors around bathrooms, the basement, and any other area may be subseptable to flooding. 


Protect your home and valuables with a flood detection system that is custom designed for your home's need. 

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