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Advanced Wellness for You and Yours

As we grow older, whether alone or with our loved ones, we need to be able to maintain our independence and safety in your own home. We at Chicago Fire & Burglar Detection would like to deliver you 24 hour peace-of-mind and security knowing you are protected by our medical monitoring services.


We're not just a emergency response system. We are a family support network that delivers added safety and family notification whenever you need it.

  • Wireless transmitter (wrist or pendant)

  • base unit

  • 24/7 Two-way Voice Monitoring

  • Convenient Emergency Button

  • Reminders and Wellness Checks

Medical monitoring

services include:

A medical alert systems provides more than just peace of mind; it also delivers the added assurance that your loved ones will never be alone. Help is always just a click away. Whether your emergencies are in the garden, on the sofa, or in the shower..we are there for you.


When emergency services are needed, be it medical fire or police, a certified emergency help operator will respond immidiately to your needs. 



We will handle all emergencies with confidence, urgency, and care... just like your family would.

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Office Hours

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Tel: (630) 469-1122

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